Make Yourself
Great Again

Your life is just a combination of the choices you make. Stop making excuses and make yourself great again.

Here are some tools which may help you track/reflect on/monitor your habits so that you can be great again. 😃

Habit Help Help How?
Track unnecessary trips to distracting websites.
Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die.
An app and website blocker to reclaim focus and productivity.
Track iPhone and iPad usage.
Gives you a picture of how you spend your time.
Parental Control app for Android and iOS
An app to help you track internet usage and productivity.
A support community for video game addiction.
The largest selection of audiobooks.
Read the key lessons from nonfiction books.
Key insights from 700+ bestselling nonfiction books.
Read on the go.
A powerful yet simple podcast player.
Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.
Learn from your ebook & article highlights.
Github-like streak calendars for your life habits
Visualize your time.
A community of makers shipping together.
A community chat for female entrepreneurs.
7 minute workouts for any place or time.
Daily yoga training app.
A fitness, activity and health tracker app
Track runs and get coaching.
Workout and fitness plans.
Join millions learning to code.
Learn a language for free. Forever.
Learn to code for free.
The coding app for beginners.
Find programming and design tutorials.
Learn in-demand skills.
The world's largest selection of courses
Browse 50k+ hand-curated trail maps.
The world's largest treasure hunt.
Organize the social interactions with your loved ones.
A card game aiming to stimulate offline connections.
Creativity exercise app.
Enjoy the sensation of drawing on paper.
Write everyday.
Provides you with music to meditate, relax, sleep, work or focus.
100+ guided meditations.
Meditation made simple.
Mind-training app for reducing stress and anxiety.
A 5-minute meditation app.

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